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Back to all posts Finally! American Utopia has been given the green light!

We can now confirm that American Utopia which was going to be our re-opening film is now going to be our Friday 29th Oct at 7.00pm film. Better late than never this part concert, part musical theatre, part performance art, meticulously crafted and choreographed piece of work by David Byrne is definitely worth the wait.

The courage to do the impossible lies in the heart of men.

Before filming Master and Commander, Russell Crowe, Paul Bettany and the rest of the cast visited our very own HMS Victory to see what it would have been like to serve as crew on a ship in the 1800’s.
Before our screening on Thursday evening Pete Codling who is currently Artist in Residence at the dockyard will give a short talk about his current project Crowd.

The grape never falls far from the vine.

Everything comes up roses when ‘over-it’ Toronto exec remakes his life in the ultra romantic From the Vine on Friday evening.

Is nothing as sacred, as dangerous, as intense as love?

Saturday night is the night for those seeking surprises, spectacle and shadows, Annette is a marvel like no other. Adam Driver steers a steady ship when Carax and the Sparks Brothers get too weird.

Coming Soon...

Respect which dishes out nothing less than the title demands Saturday 23rd October at 7.00pm.

Find out what it means...

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