28 Days Later

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Back to all posts 28 Days Later is will be showing at 7pm after an afternoon of short horror delights

Following a brilliant event in 2019, horror descends on the south coast once again as the second edition of Pastel Wasteland Film Festival returns to No6 on Saturday. Ready to celebrate horror, sci-fi and genre films in all their glory (gory)? Ready for a terrifying, weird, bloody and eclectic day packed with the best horror the world has to offer? The shorts film programme starts at 2.00pm, and if you would like to experience a pandemic through the medium of film, the evening feature is the apocalyptic horror drama 28 Days Later. Written by the esteemed Alex Garland and directed by award winning Danny Boyle the evening screening starts at 7.00pm.

Imaginative young factory worker Clarice Cliff defies expectation and circumstance to become a trailblazer of Art deco.

As one of our lovely customers commented “ I’m coming to see The Colour Room because I need to know what they are talking about on The Antiques Roadshow!”. Thursday’s film is all about the glass ceiling breaking Clarice Cliff.

A teenager and his 25 year old crush navigate life and first loves.

Licorice Pizza has been likened to Harold and Maude but without the tragedy. It's on Friday evening.

Horror shorts, awards, networking and horror feature 28 Days Later.

The Pastel Wasteland Film Festival starts at 2.00pm on Saturday afternoon with a programme of shorts from around the world and if your antibodies are feeling up to it 28 Days Later starts at 7.00pm. Spread the word like wildfire, book via the Pastel Wasteland page on the website.

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True Romance for Valentine’s on Sat 12th at 7.00pm. Violent to a fault: glam to the max.

Stealing… Cheating… Killing…Who says romance is dead?

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