All aboard folks we have some iconic boat themed films coming alongside at No6

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Back to all posts Yellow Submarine is showing in July at No6 Cinema

Ahoy there matelots, exciting times are just over the horizon at No6. As a special, special event we are going to be screening Yellow Submarine on Sunday July 8th at 11.00am and 6.00pm. This film has been in dry dock for years but Apple Corps, have re-launched it for it’s 50th anniversary and we are planning to vanquish The Blue Meanies with ‘Love’. (All you Need is…..)

On 29th Sept (Nelson’s Birthday) we are teaming up with South West Silents to bring one of the most appropriate films possible to the dockyard and home of The Victory.
Nelson, directed by Maurice Elvey is the only films ever to have been filmed on The Victory and is rarely, if ever screened anywhere. We will have live music by Stephen Horne and Martin Pyne, this is sure to be a very special, one off event. Details of this film, Battleship Potemkin and Zeebrugge are all available on our website.

A brilliant filmmaker pursues his choices and beliefs to breaking point, on Thurs 14th at 7pm

On Thursday this week we have Redoubtable, a film set during the now infamous time of civil unrest in France, 50 years ago - May ’68. It is a whimsical take on a short period of Jean Luc Godard’s life and will give you a chuckle whether or not you are into French New Wave films. 

The magic returns, on Friday 15th at 7pm

From the brushes and pens of Studio Ponoc (founded by the ex-employees of Studio Ghibli), we have Mary and the Witch’s Flower on Friday night. Harry Potter meets Spirited Away, Japanese animation revives classics of English literature that might otherwise be forgotten.

Grease is the word, on Saturday 16th

Grease is 40! but still has youthful vitality and imagination. Get in the groove and boogie on down on Saturday night!

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