Bums on seats and a washed face

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Back to all posts House of Gucci could be in the running for an award nomination or 2?

To be honest we were rather nervous about reopening in September, we really didn’t know if our audiences would return as everything feels so different these days but thankfully our fears were unfounded and we were overwhelmingly glad and happy to see so many of our regulars come back, and to welcome lots of new customers to the No6 fold, so thank you. It seems that there is still a thirst for the collective experience of sitting in the dark with strangers immersed in a film on our fabulous big screen.

No6 Cinema is the only indie cinema in Portsmouth so your bums on our seats makes all the hard work by our small and merry band of volunteers worthwhile and enables us to wash our face financially despite all the mask wearing.

We wish everyone a very Happy New Year and hope you will soon join us for some of the amazing films we will be screening in 2022.

Venus, Serena, and a plan for greatness.

On Thursday see how the Williams Sisters started out on scuzzy local courts pushed forward by their fanatically focused father King Richard. Will Smith’s performance as their demanding father is tipped for a grand slam of prizes.

An emotionally scarred London chef struggles to keep it together in this heated single-take thriller, set in and around a restaurant during a single evening.

Whoop, whoop we are delighted to be screening Boiling Point on Friday 7th January - its release date. We are even more delighted to be welcoming James Cummings (co-writer) and Alex Fountain (editor), who are both alumni of UoP, for a Q&A hosted by Ben Hilton. Tickets for 25’s and under are £5.00 so if you are a young filmmaker aspiring to become the next Spielberg come and find out how a new generation is making its way in the industry.

A legacy worth killing for.

On Saturday night Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci chronicles the unravelling of the Italian fashion empire. It is first class frothy and fun, fabulously entertaining from beginning to end.

Coming Soon...

Spielberg does the impossible, the remake of West Side Story is a triumph and we are showing it twice. Saturday 15th Jan at 7.00pm and Thursday 20th Jan at 4.15pm with subtitles, matinee prices and free tea/coffee and biscuits!

A city divided. Their love will change everything.

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