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At this time of year there are a lot of events in the dockyard and sometimes security on Victory Gate becomes rather chaotic and it’s a bit of a fight to get through to the cinema. If you find yourself in a long queue of people waiting to get in, try not to be too British about it, be quite vocal that you are there for the cinema and they should let you in. You will still have to have your bags searched but many of the other people will be waiting to be checked off a list, show id AND have their bags searched. Be polite but firm after all you don’t want to be late and miss all the ads and trailers before the film.

I am not a Witch, showing Thursday 7th December

I am not a Witch: all the reviews say that this is a film worth seeing. Pop it in your diary and make a date to come and see it on Thursday evening.

Call Me by Your Name, showing Friday 8th December

Call me by Your Name on Friday evening is being tipped for the Oscar shortlist. It is a ravishing romance, a summer love story that will make you swoon in the aisles.

Breathe, showing Saturday 9th December

On Saturday evening we will be screening Breathe. Andy Serkis makes his directorial debut with a true story about a polio patient. This leading role for Andrew Garfield must have been punishing to play, however, not as punishing as actually having polio itself. This horrific disease has been eradicated in most parts of the world but there are still a few pockets where it still raises its ugly head. There will be a short talk before the screening from one of the local Rotary groups explaining how they have been raising funds and contributing to the campaign to rid everywhere from it for ever.

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