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Well, well, well it looks like Portsmouth’s very own dockyard based Royal Navy warship, HMS Dragon makes a guest appearance in the latest Bond film No Time To Die. Although we believe no weapons were fired during filming, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be a lot of sparks flying about with Commander Bond probably at the centre of the action. No6 will be screening No Time To Die on 10th and 11th December. Book via the website and see it on the largest screen possible for maximum atmosphere and impact!

A handful of ageing men hunt for the rare and expensive white Alba truffle deep in the forests of Italy.

With a bond as deep as any family tie, a man’s relationship with his truffle hunting dog is explored in The Truffle Hunters on Thursday evening. Who needs a partner when you have the adorable Birba who can sniff out a valuable and delicious white truffle whilst snuffling about in the forests of Piedmont.

Returning to his past, he found his future.

Anchored by the gifted Timothy Spall, The Last Bus on Friday evening finds him gamely making use of his freedom bus pass to travel the country: the perfect vehicle for Tim’s talents.

Having it all is never enough.

Saturday evening’s film The Nest is so original it swerves categorisation. As the story unravels the incredible screenplay examines emotional and actual bankruptcy through the medium of film.

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The Lost Leonardo is a tale of cynicism, power worship and greed. Are all galleries stuffed full of artworks with wrong attributions and straight-up fakes?

The inside story of the painting that seduced the world. It’s not just art… it’s power, politics and greed.

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