Don't be afraid to fight your way through!

Bun Fight

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At this time of year there are a lot of events in the dockyard and sometimes security on Victory Gate becomes rather chaotic and it’s a bit of a fight to get through to the cinema...

Who gets your vote for the Best Picture?

Best Picture!

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Which film will you be championing to win best picture at the Oscars next year?

No6 tickets are the perfect gift for friends and family


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Are you struggling to think of an original Christmas gift for your family and friends? If so struggle no more! Why not treat them to some tickets to the cinema?...

Closed For Now

We expect to reopen No. 6 Cinema in early October. We will be working on our programme for reopening over the summer.  Please see our "Whats On" Page for the latest status and how to claim a refund for any prebooked tickets. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy everyone.

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