Let the Sunshine In instead of McQueen and McQueen instead of The Goonies

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Back to all posts McQueen will now be showing on 30th June at 4.15pm

Yes, yes things have got a little muddled this programme, with the McQueen event being withdrawn on the 7th June but the film still being released on the 8th and with all bookings of The Goonies cancelled we have had to swap a few things around. So now we have Let the Sunshine In instead of McQueen on the 7th June and we have McQueen on the 30th June at 4.15pm instead of The Goonies. Hope that is all crystal clear! Watch this space over the next couple of weeks as we will have more details of another event with Wild Thyme. 

Isabelle, Parisian artist, divorced mother, is looking for love,on Thurs 7th June at 7pm

'Un Beau Soleil Interior' is the French title of our Thursday film Let the Sunshine In. Loosely based on Roland Barthes’s ‘A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments’ this film is a play on ideas with some intellectual debate, sounds like fun!

A warped adult fairy tale, on Fri 8th June at 7pm

If you enjoyed the recent dramatisation of The Woman in White starring Jessie Buckley then do come along and see Beast on Friday night. This nail-biter, British thriller received 5* on Rotten Tomatoes and is refreshingly unbounded by genre rules.

It's never too late, on Sat 9th June at 7pm

On Saturday night we will be screening Edie starring Sheila Hancock as a rather crotchety 85 year old without a hint of vanity.

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